About me

I photograph when I travel

There is nothing more I like to do that walk off the beaten track and find something new to see.

Visual Art

Up in the mountains of Scotland is one of my favourite places

I often find myself in the summer taking a road trip in to the mountains of Scotland and to the Islands near by.


So far I have non to talk about, after all this is a hobby.

Though I have been asked to go out on the odd photo-shoot to get media from time to time.

Get in touch is you have something in mind.

Photography is an art

It’s about finding extra-ordinary

In an ordinary place

Not everything looks great on the screen and not everything looks great on the camera, there are some surprises to be had every trip out!


Photos Taken

Over the years the picture count is rising, especially from 2018 on wards!


Photos I like

Many shots may have been taken but there are only a few I actually like!


66%Water flow

55%Falling in the Mud

81%Drinking Coffee