Bagging my First Munro - Sgùrr na Banachdaich - 965 metres - western edge of the Cuillin ridge

Bagging my first Munro, not been out hiking in the top of the mountains for a few years now, so I decided that I would go again this year and reach the top!

One of the best feelings in life for me is to be on the top of a Munro in the best conditions, after a weather check in the morning, I thought to my self this might actually be the day I make it???

Well I did it! Stood at the top loving it, I though I had the whole top to myself, then out of no place the professionals turn up, was a great feeling to share my personal accomplishment with other like minded people.

Although I wanted to get a drone shot of myself, the mountain rescue team where flying very close by, my 60second clip would not happen, although I did want to take it, other lives where at risk and there life mean much more than a little video clip of myself.

I can always go try and get the shot again :) The mountain rescue team do a great job and where searching for a good hour or so, massive respect for them and the work they do in the mountains! here is the route I took

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