The Scottish Highlands

Gleams Steal into the inner sancturary


When, while the lovely valley teems with vapour around me, and the meridian sun strikes the upper surface of the impenetrable foliage of my trees.

Photography is an art

It’s about finding extra-ordinary

In an ordinary place

Quite often I find my self distracted with a location, rambling all about trying different angles and places for different view points and perspective. Some times it just takes that small “step back” and reflection with a coffee to find something different.


Settle down in the Scottish highlands after a 9 hour drive and a ferry crossing to the Isle of Mull

After a long drive it was time for me to get my camp setup check what needed to be charged ready for the clear night the forecast said would happen.

After walking up after a long rest in the back of the car, with the camera ready to go for the night and a camp fire set up, it was time to scope out the views and get my night vision ready and of course have a very strong cup of filter coffee. The night is going to be long”

Sure enough the cloud went by and the sky lit up with stars like nothing I had ever seen, it was time to crack on and hope I get some good in focus night sky images. 


After a long night it was time to go an explore the isle and see if anything about was offering a great picture. Today was a very misty and over cast day…

The day was a bust, the mist was to dense and was washing everything out, though I did some shopping and got a some warm food and checked over the images from the night before. 

I could not wait to get the images back home and processed as they looked great on the camera, the sky was a “pea soup” with stars.


Back to the main land……

It was time for me to retreat back to the mainland and go up high into the mountains of Glencoe.

The Mist had cleared and all was well in the world again, I decided to camp in one of the valleys in a valley between two sets of mountains. A great location if turns out!

The views where amazing, and full of wildlife, including a cookoo, that was giving me the run around with its call, just could not spot it to get a picture (sneaky things!).

Today was about eating out and visiting a little harbour, it was very surprising to find a few new things and to have a big meal. The harbour had much going for it in terms of the view and it was one of the sunniest days so far! 

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